Please, help us to save children, mothers, widows which are suffering because of war in Ukraine! Your help is priceless!

The war caused a lot of suffering for our nation. The pain of loss tears every Ukrainian’s heart. Someone lost a father, someone a mother, and some people lost their homes forever. We are all in such a moral condition when every soul is looking for help and support from the world, from a psychologist, from a doctor, from a volunteer.

This help will be a breath of fresh air, that will save in the most painful time.  At the same time, we are a strong nation, we will live through it, and we will cope with this horrible murk through tears and pain. Despite all the obstacles, we are capable of talking about love, we are smiling and singing and not losing our positive attitude. We are sincerely happy when we win, return our territories and restore our forces. We strive for life and victory and we count on your support. We have tears in our eyes when the whole world is standing with us and we are wholeheartedly grateful to God and all the people for the help to our nation!

Our charitable foundation “People’s Guard of the Backline – Rehabilitation” is always close to those who need to be supported and protected. We aim to embrace every child in our country who lost his or her parent, and every woman who lost her husband because of war. We strive to support every Ukrainian soldier who returned from the war and is going through rehabilitation. We are tirelessly asking God and the whole world to help Ukraine.

We strongly believe that thanks to caring people from all over the world we will be able to open a rehabilitation center, where everyone who needs help will be able to get it. Where everyone will be able to overcome the trauma, recover and return to rebuild their country.